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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trout saves the blank today

Well i fished a new water today we had a great day fishing from the boat but it was a hard slow day not many fish out all day and to some veryy good pike anglers that was on the water watching them work has hard as they do for there fish was truley inspiring
We spent alot of time moving around the water trolling along the way  to new fishy spots but the weed was terrible for this time of year
We managed to get into a nice looking spot that looked like pike heaven (just ask any 1 that pike fishes and they will know what i meen) i decided to fish smelt under the float and it wasnt long before i was in and to my suprise it was a rainbow trout not what id come for but a welcomed fish to save a blank it gave an incredable fight propper gave a good acount of itself
well that was it back out monday day hopfully tite lines

1 comment:

  1. Well done on the Rainbow Craig, I wasnt expecting you to catch monsters but i was expecting some Pike being caught, Are you allowed to use lures or buzz baits or is it dead baits only,
    Strange waters that hevent been fished for pike, Never easy,
    Better Luck for tomorrow,