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Friday, 21 October 2011

Managed the 1little pike today

Well i managed a session on a local water today and i was full of anticipation it seem's like ages since ive last been out
I got to my venue and it was raining not a good start i hate unpacking the gear in rain lol

It  wasn't long before the rods where out both on running ledger fishing sprat on 1 rod and sardine on the other rod it wasnt long before my sprat alarm started to scream off and in my experience if its a screamer its a jack pike.
I was straight on the rod and to be honest it was a small fish but it gave a good acount of its self
 That was it for me 2 of my freinds blanked so i didnt feel as bad im back out 2moz so hopfully sumthing a little better to report lol


  1. Hi Craig,
    You caught a pike, and you should never be disapointed with catching, No matter how big the fish,
    Nice side cutters by the way,

  2. it was more the location paddy its usually good for a few fish but just switched off :(

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