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Sunday, 23 October 2011

frogs saves the day

I managed a half a day out today on the ultra lite lures it was a nice warm morning strange really for the time of year usually i would be sat behind the deadbait rods
 But i decided to take advantage of the nice morning and headed for the canal must have walked that stretch back and forward for hours with my brother and nothing seemed to work for the perch
 Id got a couple of ultra lite frogs so decided to give them a bash much to my brothers amusement asking what i was doing its winter frogs wont workfor perch
Second cast and bam i was in oh the victory dance was to be had my brothers face was a picture u know that warm feeling u get when u win a family board gameand the smirk that goes with it especially when he asked if he could borrow the other i had lol
well thats it for this week a few perch and a pike this weekend so not a bad weekend nxt weeks blog should be more exciting fishing a trout water for pike so cant wait for that
tite lines 

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  1. Thats what i call a top result Craig,
    I know them feelings and they are awesome,
    The best of luck at the Trout water,
    I have a good feeling about this one,
    Especialy after all the hard work you have put into it,