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here your going to find out all about my fishing adventures including the blanks and there will be a few lol

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Its been a while but to be honest ive hardly fished but the rivers open soon so get ready lures at the ready ;)

Monday, 21 November 2011

out on the jig head flys today

Managed to get out today for a few hours met up with my brother and we was away i told our kid i was gunna use only the perch jig flies to see how good they was

I showed our kid them and he did his usual grin if its not savage gear it wont catch sort of face ive tried telling him that u cant just stick with 1 lure and i thik he saw why toda...

Started casting out and on the 3rd cast was in nice pike for my starter

our kids face was a picture and the word fluked was chucked about i think lol just for fun i told him if i caught another pike id let him borrow the jig fly and like magic i was in not long after  by this point our kid was open hand waiting for the jig fly lol
and yes he managed to hook up with a jack no picture he's still scared to hold pike (theyve got teeth ya know) lol
then not long after he lost a good fish i was a bit gutted for him to be honest but we didnt blank a quick move onto another venue but that was dead brilliant mornings fishing and the magical gig fly roach patern Kato these are ace and i will be ordering more verry soon mate so will our kid thank you

 Heres the jig head fly that took a beating verry afective even has a little rattle on it if any 1 is wanting 1 speak to kato on here
he can also make bigger 1's tell him i uve seen my blog craigpix2000 ;)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trout saves the blank today

Well i fished a new water today we had a great day fishing from the boat but it was a hard slow day not many fish out all day and to some veryy good pike anglers that was on the water watching them work has hard as they do for there fish was truley inspiring
We spent alot of time moving around the water trolling along the way  to new fishy spots but the weed was terrible for this time of year
We managed to get into a nice looking spot that looked like pike heaven (just ask any 1 that pike fishes and they will know what i meen) i decided to fish smelt under the float and it wasnt long before i was in and to my suprise it was a rainbow trout not what id come for but a welcomed fish to save a blank it gave an incredable fight propper gave a good acount of itself
well that was it back out monday day hopfully tite lines

Sunday, 23 October 2011

frogs saves the day

I managed a half a day out today on the ultra lite lures it was a nice warm morning strange really for the time of year usually i would be sat behind the deadbait rods
 But i decided to take advantage of the nice morning and headed for the canal must have walked that stretch back and forward for hours with my brother and nothing seemed to work for the perch
 Id got a couple of ultra lite frogs so decided to give them a bash much to my brothers amusement asking what i was doing its winter frogs wont workfor perch
Second cast and bam i was in oh the victory dance was to be had my brothers face was a picture u know that warm feeling u get when u win a family board gameand the smirk that goes with it especially when he asked if he could borrow the other i had lol
well thats it for this week a few perch and a pike this weekend so not a bad weekend nxt weeks blog should be more exciting fishing a trout water for pike so cant wait for that
tite lines 

Friday, 21 October 2011

Managed the 1little pike today

Well i managed a session on a local water today and i was full of anticipation it seem's like ages since ive last been out
I got to my venue and it was raining not a good start i hate unpacking the gear in rain lol

It  wasn't long before the rods where out both on running ledger fishing sprat on 1 rod and sardine on the other rod it wasnt long before my sprat alarm started to scream off and in my experience if its a screamer its a jack pike.
I was straight on the rod and to be honest it was a small fish but it gave a good acount of its self
 That was it for me 2 of my freinds blanked so i didnt feel as bad im back out 2moz so hopfully sumthing a little better to report lol

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

this is my other blog

http://wakefieldregion96.blogspot.com/   please check it out i will be using the other blog for purely PAC anouncements to the wakefield members and all that care to read it :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

some of the fish ive had (been lucky) in the past

 notice the lucky hoodie and hat never fish without them lol