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Monday, 21 November 2011

out on the jig head flys today

Managed to get out today for a few hours met up with my brother and we was away i told our kid i was gunna use only the perch jig flies to see how good they was

I showed our kid them and he did his usual grin if its not savage gear it wont catch sort of face ive tried telling him that u cant just stick with 1 lure and i thik he saw why toda...

Started casting out and on the 3rd cast was in nice pike for my starter

our kids face was a picture and the word fluked was chucked about i think lol just for fun i told him if i caught another pike id let him borrow the jig fly and like magic i was in not long after  by this point our kid was open hand waiting for the jig fly lol
and yes he managed to hook up with a jack no picture he's still scared to hold pike (theyve got teeth ya know) lol
then not long after he lost a good fish i was a bit gutted for him to be honest but we didnt blank a quick move onto another venue but that was dead brilliant mornings fishing and the magical gig fly roach patern Kato these are ace and i will be ordering more verry soon mate so will our kid thank you

 Heres the jig head fly that took a beating verry afective even has a little rattle on it if any 1 is wanting 1 speak to kato on here
he can also make bigger 1's tell him i uve seen my blog craigpix2000 ;)

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  1. Ahhh now i see what you mean Craig, Bet ist great fun from the take to the net,
    Well done mate,